In the construction industry, the need to move conventional scaffold by hand is time-consuming, labor intensive, and carries an inherent high risk of injury.

Employees often need to carry scaffold long distances through a building’s interior. To avoid damaging doorways, awkward postures and sideways bending and twisting is needed while carrying up to 60 pounds.

The Scaffold Caddy was created to alleviate these issues and is the perfect tool to transport conventional scaffold, even through a man door or on an elevator. It can also be utilized as a self-containment system, storing scaffolding when not in use.

The Ohio Bureau of Workmen’s Compensation performed an ergonomics study, and the results were astounding. The risk of CTD injury was decreased by 28% while production was increased by an amazing 88%. A task that previously took 70 minutes to complete can now be performed in only eight.

The creators of the Scaffold Caddy are extremely confident that construction companies will be as pleased with the production gains and safety benefits as they are. For more information please visit www.ScaffoldCaddy.biz or call 614-302-2610